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    Okex Exchange is one of the biggest cryptographic money trades on the planet, with regards to volume...

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    Metamask Sign in is a free crypto wallet that is accessible on both versatile and web stages.

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    Capital One Login was established on the premise that information and technology will revolutionise the...

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    MetaMask was built to work with these applications and lower the barriers to entry for crypto users....

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    Çoinbase Pro login was established back in 2017 with a principle to offer routine day to day services...

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    Çoinbase Pro login was established back in 2017 with a principle to offer routine day to day services...

    -- coinbase pro login

  7. Re: Qlik Qonnections 2016

    Çoinbase Pro login was established back in 2017 with a principle to offer routine day to day services...

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    American Express which is also known as Amex, is a multinational corporation recognized for payment card...

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    Coinbase Exchange l Trezor.io/start l Legder.com/start l SushiSwap Exchange l Uniswap Exchange l Atomic...

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    Citi Mobile app provides the joy of banking at your fingertips. It is a one-stop solution to manage your...

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The police force has deployed the advanced analytics to visualize operations data and hain improved insights to guide strategy



Public sector cuts are making police forces rethink their approaches to fighting crime. Avon and Somerset Constabulary has had to make savings in excess of £60 million since 2010, and has turned to the Qlik Sense analytics platform to mitigate the impact of its reduced budget. "We've had to save a lot of money and we still need to save a lot of money," says head of performance Sean Price. "What this technology yields is that opportunity to be able to do things quite different in the constabulary." 

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National Express replaces spreadsheets with QlikView for data analysis

National Express Coach is using QlikView business intelligence tools to improve fleet management and monitor customer service, replacing legacy spreadsheets systems. The UK coach operator, which supports 18 million journeys on its network each year, deployed the QlikView Business Discovery platform in August 2013 to provide insight into the 100 million records collected across its operations.  The software has now been rolled out across all departments, providing a number of operational benefits. For example, it allows the National Express commercial team to examine coach route data more easily, helping to identify the most profitable routes. It also enables the customer services and service delivery teams to analyse customer feedback to target areas for improvement. “It affords us the flexibility to explore the data in the ways we need to, and allows us to cut through the data to look at statistics for every individual journey, something that wasn’t possible when we relied on basic sprea ...

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Qlik Qonnections 2016

Qlik Sense

It doesn’t take a genius to deliver data insights. Create custom reports in only a few clicks with Qlik® Sense.


Learn about Qlik Sense data analysis & visualization software.



Self-service BI for IT

    Self-service BI for IT Ask any question and get answers instantly Nobody knows what you need better than you do. That’s why Qlik® lets you combine the data sources you want, ask your own questions, and get answers instantly. With QlikView® business intelligence solutions for IT, you can: Improve governance Increase visibility Optimize performance Learn more by exploring our Helpdesk Management ...

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Qlik - Deeper Insight. Better performance


Deeper insight. Better performance.

Predict technology needs and improve data governance

Qlik makes it easy to ask the questions and get the answers you need to spot underused systems and optimize data governance, security, and scalability. Explore our IT resources now.

  • Helpdesk Management video: See how easy it is to track, analyze, and manage IT case queues with QlikView.
  • Helpdesk Management app: After you watch the demo video, try the app yourself—explore cases from every angle and drill into the details that hold the secrets to optimum performance.


Citrix has announced the next generation of its Global Channel Programs. To help partners keep pace with the rapid technological expansion in cloud computing and mobile workstyles, Citrix is launching two growth-oriented programs, an enhanced Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA) program and a new Citrix SaaS Advisor (CSSA) program. Both programs are designed to make it easier than ever for partners to do business with Citrix. They also enable them to earn greater rewards, establish a competitive advantage in new and established markets and grow revenue by selling complete mobility, desktop virtualisation, cloud networking, cloud platforms, collaboration and data sharing solutions which empower people to work and collaborate from anywhere and securely access apps and data on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office. Simon McCullough, channel manager, Citrix South Africa, says : “The Citrix Global Channel Programupdate encourages deeper dialogue with existing Citrix custo ...

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