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  7. Re: Qlik Qonnections 2016

    MetaMask is an extension for accessing Ethereum enabled distributed applications, or "Dapps" in your...

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Self-service BI for IT

    Self-service BI for IT Ask any question and get answers instantly Nobody knows what you need better than you do. That’s why Qlik® lets you combine the data sources you want, ask your own questions, and get answers instantly. With QlikView® business intelligence solutions for IT, you can: Improve governance Increase visibility Optimize performance Learn more by exploring our Helpdesk Management ...

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Citrix has announced the next generation of its Global Channel Programs. To help partners keep pace with the rapid technological expansion in cloud computing and mobile workstyles, Citrix is launching two growth-oriented programs, an enhanced Citrix Solution Advisor (CSA) program and a new Citrix SaaS Advisor (CSSA) program. Both programs are designed to make it easier than ever for partners to do business with Citrix. They also enable them to earn greater rewards, establish a competitive advantage in new and established markets and grow revenue by selling complete mobility, desktop virtualisation, cloud networking, cloud platforms, collaboration and data sharing solutions which empower people to work and collaborate from anywhere and securely access apps and data on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office. Simon McCullough, channel manager, Citrix South Africa, says : “The Citrix Global Channel Programupdate encourages deeper dialogue with existing Citrix custo ...

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Strong Industry Support Drives Need for Independent Xen Project Initiative SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Citrix and The Linux Foundation today announced that open source community development for the Xen® virtualization platform will become a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. Leveraging its proven model of collaborative development for the new Xen Project™ initiative, The Linux Foundation will provide infrastructure, guidance and a collaborative network. The neutral, member-led community will help accelerate cross-industry innovation around the Xen Project hypervisor, bringing guidance and contributions from a more diverse group of technology leaders. Over the past decade, collaborative innovations in cloud computing, security and advanced processor support have made Xen the most scalable and secure hypervisor in the industry. It is these innovations that have led to the adoption of Xen and Citrix XenServer® as the platforms for powering approximately two-thirds of the public clo ...

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